The Danger of Donald Trump

Donald Trump represents a unique threat to our Republic and our Constitutional system of government.

  • He would be the only president in American history who has never held public office.
  • He has advocated violating the Constitution, including religious registration and the use of torture
  • He has advocated stripping Americans of their Constitutional right to citizenship
  • He has promised to use civil liability attack the free press
  • He has admitted to sexually assaulting women on tape
  • He has encouraged violence at his rallies
  • He has advocated violating international treaties
  • He has been subject to more lawsuits than all presidents combined, including 75 currently open
The danger of someone like Donald Trump is precisely why Hamilton, Madison and the other Founding Fathers gave Electors the power to choose the President.

Trump Lost the Popular Vote

If Trump were truly the people’s choice, arguments over whether he is fit for office might be moot. Surely most Americans would not seek to deny victory to the most popular candidate.

But Trump not only lost — he’s actually the biggest loser ever. No one has ever become president after such a trouncing in the national popular vote. More Americans — more than 2 and half million more— voted for Secretary Clinton.

Trump is a Threat to the Country

Trump would be the first president in American history who has never held the public trust in an elected or appointed position, and he has demonstrated very little knowledge of, or respect for, the Constitution.

Many of Trump’s proposals violate the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.

• He has proposed forced religious registration
• He has advocated torture
• He has appointed as his closest advisors extremists with a history of supporting civil rights violations
• He has attacked the First Amendment right to free speech, appearing to condone violence at rallies
• He has mocked of journalists based on race, gender, and disability and threatened the freedom of the press with lawsuits

Of course, Trump knows a lot about lawsuits. He has been sued more times than all other U.S. Presidents combined, even settling an active lawsuit  as the losing party to avoid going to court after being named president-elect.

Trump is unfamiliar with the duties of his office or the processes of government, and he is inexperienced and impulsive. He is truly unfit to be Commander in Chief.