The Action

Talk to People

Talking to our friends, family, and communities about political issues is one of the most important, and sometimes difficult, actions we can take.

In doing so, we support the message of this petition and create a more informed American public.  

Our goal is twofold. Of course we want more people sign the petition. We also want people to better understand the role of the Electoral College. We hope that the resources you find here will help you engage in genuine conversations about the Electoral College.

If, in the process, people begin to understand how dangerous Donald Trump is to our country and Constitution, all the better.

How to Participate

1. Educate Yourself

Before initiating a conversation, get informed so you can accurately answer questions, especially about the role of the Electoral College and the Electors’ Constitutional duty to vote their conscience.

2. Choose Your Conversations

Your time is best spent talking with registered voters who are open to new information. Democrats, independents, and centrist republicans will be the most likely to want to engage.

3. Sign and Share

If you’ve had a successful conversation and your friend is open to it, encourage them to sign the petition, and to share it with their friends. If they are interested, direct them to our Take Action page

Talking Points

Donald Trump is a Threat to the Constitution

Donald Trump is unfit for office, due to his attacks on the Constitution, such as appearing to condone violence at public rallies, threatening to sue journalists who criticize him, and proposing that Americans register with the government based on religion.

He has also appointed many well-known extremists to his office and cabinet, including Attorney General and Chief Strategist. This is the kind of president the Electoral College was created to prevent.

Donald Trump is a Danger to the U.S.

Donald Trump is admittedly entangled with foreign governments through his business investments. Since being named president-elect, he has curried personal business favor with foreign governments. He has refused to release his tax returns, so the American public has no way of knowing who he does business with. This is the kind of president the Electoral College was created to prevent.

The Popular Vote

Secretary Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million votes. More Americans want Secretary Clinton to be president. The Electors have the Constitutional right to vote for her and support the popular vote winner.

Voter Inequality

By favoring small states, the Electoral College essentially gives certain Americans extra votes. This leads to the Electoral System undermining the popular will. The Electors have the Constitutional right to support the popular vote winner.


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