The Action

Call to Artists

Create digital art with messaging about the Electoral College Petition for sharing on social media.

How to Participate

1. Create your image

The most effective images will focus on a single topic or talking point. You can create multiple messages using one image or use one message with multiple images.

2. Upload your image

Using the form below, upload your image. Once we’ve reviewed it, we will post it on our social media, and include it on our Share Information action page.

3. Tell your Friends

Do you know other artists who are concerned about a Trump presidency or the inequalities of the Electoral College? Ask them to make images too. The more we create, the more we can amplify our message.

Design Guidelines

All images must contain either: OR

  • Images cannot contain advertising
  • Images may contain artist’s name
  • Please keep the text short and to the point
  • Square images are preferred
  • Image settings: 72 dpi, not to exceed 1MB
  • All works must be licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA or above 

The following messages are suggestions. You are welcome to use your own sayings and express your personal opinion. Please note, the ECP team reserves the right to not use any submission.

Electoral College

  • Protect the Constitution
  • Protect the Republic
  • Electors Vote Your Conscience
  • I Support Conscientious Electors
  • Electors Vote Dec 19
  • Respect the Process
  • Support the Electors
  • I Vote for Conscientious Electors
  • Electoral College: Use it or Lose it
  • Democracy Wins
  • Friend of Hamilton
  • Investigate & Deliberate

The Danger of Donald Trump

  • United against Trump
  • This is Unprecedented
  • Trump is a Threat to the Constitution
  • Trump is a Threat to America
  • Take Back Our Country
  • Not My President
  • Stand Up for Civil Rights

Voting Equality

  • One Voice, One Vote
  • Count My Vote
  • One person, one vote
  • My vote counts


  • #useitorloseit
  • #unprecendented
  • #voteyourconscience
  • #signandshare
  • #signthepetition
  • #stoptrump
  • #supporttheelectors
  • #elevatethedebate 
  • #signthepetition



Submit Here

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, .
    Formats allowed: jpg, png, gif, pdf Must be 2MB or less.