We Can Stop Trump

Yesterday, for the first time, a Republican Elector publicly declared he will not be voting for Trump!

Christopher Suprun, a firefighter who was one of the first responders at the Pentagon on 9-11, wrote an op-ed in the NY TIMES declaring his intent.

Our thanks to Mr. Suprun for his courage and patriotism!

This is a dramatic breakthrough. Our country will never think of the Electoral College in the same way, and you helped make it possible!

Now, it’s time to redouble our efforts. Our strategy is working and it will work even better now that there is a breach in the wall.

If you use Twitter, we need you to start tweeting today!

To build on this momentum, we must all take action daily.

You can write letters, make calls, share the video, share articles, and of course, please continue to share the petition!

We’ve also launched a shareable gallery of graphics made by petition supporters. Check them out here or on our Instagram account @ECpetition.

Next steps

We’re currently preparing for our cross-country print media campaign. Donate here to help us get into even more newspapers across the country.

Later this week, we will announce details for protests in state capitals across the country … start planning to be in your state capital on December 19!

Visit our Take Action page now to see all of the ways YOU can help STOP TRUMP.

We are honored to stand with you in this fight,
-Daniel and the EC Petition team