What is this petition for?

This petition calls on the 538 Electors who pick the president on December 19 to cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton, and against Donald Trump.

What is a “Conscientious Elector”?

A Conscientious Elector is an Elector who votes using his or her conscience.

Is this illegal?

In some states, Electors who vote their conscience are subject to minor penalties, mostly fines. But in 21 states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and ten other states where Trump won, Electors voting their conscience is legal, without restriction.

Isn’t the election over?

No. The American people have never directly elected our president. We vote for Electors, and they elect the president. This year, that election is on December 19.

Why are you doing this?

Because Donald Trump is a unprecedented threat to our Constitution and our Republic. He just the kind of person the Electoral College was designed as a safeguard against.

Is this undemocratic?

Secretary Clinton won the popular vote. In fact, it’s Mr. Trump’s victory that is undemocratic, because he got almost 2 million less votes. That’s because the Electoral College is inherently unequal, rewarding some Americans (those in small states) with more voting power than others

Isn’t this changing the rules after the election is over?

The rules are that the Electors choose the President

Is there really any chance this can work?

It is not impossible. There is a groundswell of popular support for this idea. Several current electors have already openly discussed the possibility of voting their conscience. Senator Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation to abolish the Electoral College. If there was ever a year this could – and should – happen, this is it.

Doesn’t the Electoral College prevent voter fraud?

There isn’t any evidence of that. Stuffing ballot boxes in colonial times was easy; now it is very, very difficult. 

In fact, the Electoral College probably makes voter fraud easier. Fraud in a popular vote requires thousands of phony votes; just a few dozen votes in a swing state can win ALL the state’s Electors and change the outcome of the Presidential election.

Doesn’t the electoral college ensure that candidates campaign in smaller states?

Candidates will still reach small state voters in a popular vote election. There simply are not enough votes in urban areas and large states to ensure a victory. Most campaigning is electronic now and because all votes would be equal, there would be an incentive for candidates to campaign anywhere votes could be won – not just in swing states.

Isn’t this unprecedented?

For Conscientious Electors to change the outcome of an election would be unprecedented in American history. That’s true. Also unprecedented:

Also unprecedented? Hillary Clinton’s huge margin of victory in the popular vote, while losing the Electoral College. 

Why did the petition’s author use a pseudonym at first?

Once the petition went viral, threats of violence began. It was obvious Daniel wasn’t ready for the response, and he needed a few days to prepare, ensure his personal safety, and assemble a team that could help spread the petition.