About the Petition

Donald Trump has not been elected president. The real election takes place December 19, when the 538 Electors cast their ballots – for anyone they want.

We are calling on “Conscientious Electors” to protect the Constitution from Donald Trump, and to support the national popular vote winner.

More than 4.6 million Americans support this grassroots effort.

Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19

Conscientious Electors

Though 29 states require Electors to vote with their party, 21 states do not.  There are 149 electors in states delegated to Trump who can vote any way they want without penalty. They are:

  • Arizona – 11
  • Arkansas – 6
  • Georgia – 16
  • Idaho – 4
  • Indiana – 11
  • Kansas – 6
  • Kentucky – 8
  • Louisiana – 8
  • Missouri – 10
  • North Dakota – 3
  • Pennsylvania – 20
  • South Dakota – 3
  • Texas – 38
  • West Virginia – 5

We are beginning a coordinated national effort to lobby these Electors directly.


This petition is unprecedented, but Donald Trump is an unprecedented danger to the Constitution.

He is the kind of president our Founding Fathers warned us about.

Read more about the danger of a Trump Presidency here.

The Electors are Bound to Protect the Country

Alexander Hamilton, who was second only to James Madison in crafting the Constitution, worried in The Federalist Papers that someone unqualified, but with a talent for “low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” could attain office.

As a protection against this, he urged the Electors study the requirements of the job, be “favorable to deliberation”, and, ultimately, choose only someone suited to be Commander in Chief.

They have every right to do so, and a moral obligation to “deliberate”. We hope they will deliberate very carefully.

Read more about the Electoral College here.