16 Days Left: An Action Plan to Stop Donald Trump

When I started this petition we were already in the homestretch.

Now there are only 16 days left until the Electoral option is off the table.

Over the next 16 days, we are going to give this campaign everything we’ve got … and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Our strategy has five main elements:

  1. Promote awareness of the petition via social media and mass media coverage
  2. Publish an open letter to the Electors signed by a broad coalition of Americans to be published in newspapers across the country
  3. Initiate individual contact with specific Electors by carefully chosen individuals and group representatives
  4. Organize and direct grassroots action, including phone banking and letter-writing
  5. Coordinate and promote protests in state capitals on December 19

Here’s how you can help:


Social media: Keep sharing the petition! Only a small percentage of your friends see it each time you share, and most people have still not heard about it. Don’t just post links … take time to explain to your friends and family why it’s so important that they sign and support this effort. Find articles and images to share here … you can also submit relevant news articles and submit your own images here.

You can also watch and share this video we made about the petition:


Mass media: We are pushing every possible outlet to cover this story. It isn’t easy! Most mass media have moved on and are focusing on light holiday-season programming. You can help keep the petition in the public’s consciousness by contacting TV stations, reporters, and bloggers and asking them to cover this story. If you work in the media and can help us with any coverage, please contact us ASAP.


On December 13, we will be publishing an open letter to Electors in full-page newspapers ads across the country. It’s an expensive endeavor and the majority of our GoFundMe funds will be spent on this. Your support makes it possible for us to reach even more outlets. Donate to our campaign here.

TAKE ACTIONtake-action-now

We have created an Action Toolkit to help our volunteers – more than 12,000! – take action. We need to keep the pressure on, so please sign up and join our efforts. We give you all the tools and information you need, and you can log your actions so we can track our impact.

Click here to start taking action to help stop Donald Trump.


We want to be clear on this point: We are asking you to NOT contact the Electors directly. They are private citizens who are not set up to manage massive public communication, and many Electors have reported being harassed and feeling threatened.

We are working with a broad coalition of like-minded groups, including the Hamilton Electors, to contacted selected Electors and have individual conversations about why they should vote their conscience.

We do need more Republicans involved in this action. If you are a Republican in one of the states Trump won, please contact us.


On December 19, Electors will gather in each state capitals to cast their final ballot.  It’s important to have a visible presence that day as they prepare to cast ballots, to remind them of their Constitutional obligation and maybe even give them the courage to do the right thing.

We are focusing on December 19, but there are many demonstrations being planned earlier, both in state capitals and elsewhere around the country, and we are supportive of those actions.

View our continually growing calendar of protests here.


For the next 16 days, we are going to do everything we can to educate Americans about the Electoral College, and work to fight back against reactionary politics.

Thank you for your continued support,

Daniel and the ECP team